Garage Door Tune-Ups

From allowing you and your family member to stay protected and dry during the rainy and snowy seasons to providing easy access to a car or home, an automatic garage door opener can be a great investment and time saver.

Automatic remotely operated garage doors are really convenient and reliable but what happens when they don’t open or close? Too often you might be prepared to leave the house when you realize that there is no way to out of your car due to malfunctioning the garage door opener or remote. You may have a fried computer chip, dead battery, or code which needs to be reset. If you are unsure what is going wrong with your garage door, contact a professional garage door expert such as, Ace Garage Door to deal with your garage door.

Troubleshooting techniques are not enough when the children are ready to go to school or when your important business plans are waiting for you. Definitely, recent models of garage door openers are equipped with manual release functions to operate the garage door manually. But if you have a detached garage without easy access through a regular walk-through gate, the manual release handle does little good for you. In case, the transmitter or receiver has gone bad, you need to change them rather than replacing the entire garage door opener.

It is least expensive to order a new transmitter, receiver, or remote. The new receiver has multiple wires that simply connect to the same connections as a wall-mounted button and when it senses the signals from the remote, it works as a switch to open or close the garage door. Well, buying a new receiver and remote of the garage door can cost as little as $50 while the cost of buying a new garage door opener can be a costly action.

Planning ahead is not only important while buying a new garage door, choosing an experienced garage door technician but it is also essential from the maintenance point of view. While installing a garage door or garage door opener, these professionals ensure that the garage door and its opener are installed properly. But with the passage of time, general wear and tear due to regular use make it important to adjust the tension of the torsion springs and align the tracks. These garage door adjustments should never be handled by an unskilled or untrained individual. The garage door company that performed installation services can be agreed upon by offering routine check-ups and maintenance services.

Regular garage door tune-ups and inspection services decrease the possibility of potential accidents. The Springs, motor, opener, and other electrical components of the garage door must be checked to keep the garage door working as well as possible. Garage door rollers, cables, and tracks are also inspected and maintained to their maximum level.