About Us

About Us

Crafting Fiction only started when a group of friends decided to create a website that will let writers and readers interact with one another. It allowed people to communicate, give suggestions for stories or reviews for books. People used it to let others recommend new books to them, what to read next and talk to fiction writers from different places. But then everyone started not just to give recommendations and suggestions. They also started asking about writing, how it felt to write such great stories and how to get ideas or inspiration. Because of that, it became more about the writers now. They started giving tips to each other, educating newbies and sharing their knowledge when it comes to their profession.

The creators of the website became fascinated about this happening and made sure to create a new platform that took this into consideration. This is how Crafting Fiction was established. The website was renamed from the word “crafting” because as the meaning of the word implies – we plan, we create and we do our own kind of fiction stories. We write, we inspire and we make stories that will let other people be entertained or be inspired with. Playing with words, writing what our hearts want, it’s all about creating what we wish and that’s the main reason it was named like that.

This website doesn’t just inspire aim to inspire people. It also serves as a learning platform for anyone who wants to be a writer and develop his or her craft. This site isn’t made only to help them learn from each other but it also makes people engage with one another, become friends and interact more. It was able to create a community who shares the same interest, hobby and passion- and that is writing.

Contact Us

If ever you have any difficulties using our site or if you want to learn more about us, please send us an email at info@craftingfiction.com.

You might also want to give us feedback and suggestions, you can let us know about your concerns. Just email feedback@craftingfiction.com.


How can I use Crafting Fiction?

Just sign up in our website and post anything you want. If you have a problem or a question, the others and professional writers might help you so go ahead and visit the forum and post something. If you want to give help to others, comment on their posts and interact. You may also post a blog about stories, fiction, tips, suggestions and anything about the writing industry.

How can I post a blog about fiction writing?

You can post your blog in the blogs section since it’s different from the forum section. Just write anything you want and post it. If you want, you can comment on other works too and help or make a friend by giving your thoughts about their works and problems.

Do I have to post a blog every other day?

No, since we all have our own life, busy schedules, studies or works, we only urge you to post one if you have free time. It will always depend on yourself so don’t worry too much about it. Just make sure to be active and interact with many people. Always keep your blog interesting, entertaining and educating as well.